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Bridal Shower Card & Gift

I can’t believe a year has gone by since I made this card and gift for my niece-to-be’s bridal shower. They already celebrated their 1st Anniversary!  Anyway, I thought I might share it for inspiration.

I used some glittered pink paper (like this DCWV Glitter Cardstock ) for the card front and cut out the wedding dress from the Cricut Cartridge Sweethearts ( Cricut Sweethearts ). I layered this over some swirl patterned vellum that I’ve had for ages and added a few sparkly heart stickers (these are similar heart stickers). Then I attached it onto a blank card and put the pearly heart on the envelope to match. These DCWV cards & envelopes have a nice weight to them.


As part of the gift for the bride-to-be, I created a personalized decorative plate with their names, last initial and wedding date. I found the charger plate in Michael’s (it was a seasonal item there – here’s Charger Plates in colors on Amazon) and it was the perfect color for the wedding theme.  I’ve ordered both Matte & Glossy Vinyl Sampler from Craft E Vinyl and have been very happy with the sampler packs. Being fairly new to vinyl projects at the time, I now look at it & wish the placement was different and that I added something to the rim. I do love that M monogram, though!

I still have most of the personalized gifts I received for my bridal shower and appreciate the time and effort put into them. The framed, cross-stitched name & wedding date with a pearl border and a hand painted slate of a bride & groom with our name & date are both proudly hung in our home.

What are some of the memorable handcrafted gifts you have received? I’d love to hear your comments!

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5 Reasons to Have Breakfast for Dinner

breakfast1. It’s Fun!

We started out having breakfast for dinner once in awhile when my husband wasn’t going to be home. The kids thought it was great. Then, we’d have it for April Fool’s Day or a Backwards Day, where we have dinner foods for breakfast and breakfast foods for dinner. It is still something the kids will ask for and I look forward to making.

2. Inexpensive

Breakfast for Dinner can be inexpensive, especially compared to the price of meats. There are many breakfast ideas that use common ingredients that you probably have in the house already. Eggs, flour, potatoes, fruits, veggies are just a few options that are healthy, affordable and can make a wide variety of meals. It’s also cheaper than fast food!

3. Quick & Easy…or Not!

Most of my go-to breakfast dishes can be put on the table in much less than a half hour. Then again, this might be the perfect time to try one of those recipes you’ve saved to make “someday”. Mornings can be hectic or maybe you’ve just been too tired to try something new or adventurous when you’re first waking up. Try it for dinner!

4. Health Benefits

Some people like to have a lighter dinner for health reasons. There are many light options for dinners that can be filling but don’t make your body work hard to digest before bed. Adding fruits to your pancakes, waffles or crepes and adding chopped veggies to an omelet are just a few ways to get your daily servings satisfied. It’s also quicker & healthier than drive-through stops.

5. It’s Delicious!

Breakfast foods are my favorite category (besides desserts). I would rather eat breakfast foods throughout the day than anything else. For me, lunch is just a late breakfast or leftover dinner, something to get me through the day. Pinterest is filled with tasty ideas! Taste of Home is another site I search for great recipes.


What are your favorite breakfast dishes to enjoy for dinner? Share your ideas in the comments.