Our Little Pond Makeover

Sharing some pictures of our pond since my husband added a little waterfall to it. Over the last few years, I have started to appreciate garden gnomes and added more to our yard. This musical little fella was a gift but here is a similar one with a Celtic mushroom.


My husband added the fishing gnome on the little dock to cover the filter pump. The fake fish was a little heavy for the fisherman, so we set it on the dock.

The floating alligator head has become one of my favorites. It is supposed to scare away critters and it provides another hiding spot for our fish. You might be able to see a few of the goldfish in the pictures; they have certainly grown. I guess the gator head worked this year!

Fishing dock

Next, I’d like to add some more ground cover on the side furthest from the deck. There’s also an area that leads to the pond with a bench & stepping stones – I think that’s the spot to start a fairy garden.

Pond gnome


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