Gift Ideas for Pre-teen boys

preteen-boys-giftsPre-teen boys can be hard to shop for presents. They are at the end of the toy stage but not ready for young adult gifts. I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite gift ideas that are under $25.



Wireless Speakers

Wireless Speakers

A great option for kids with cell phones or ipod/mp3 player. There’s all kinds of cool speakers that hook up easily to most devices – waterproof for the shower, keychain sized and ones that have lights or water that dance to the beat.



Virtual Reality Headset for smartphones

Virtual Reality Headset

One of the hottest new items out there right now! Granted, the under $25 price tag may not get you the best quality, but the reviews are pretty good for this model. It’s definitely worth a try.




Legos & Building Sets

How can you go wrong with a building set?? There are so many options out there! The pre-teen may like to try something more challenging like building a roller coaster or a race car alongside the Lego City, Star Wars or Minecraft sets they know & love.  Here are a few options under or
around $25.   K’nex Roller Coaster  Lego Star Wars    Lego Minecraft  Lego Creator  Lego Technic




How about a Microscope set  with some premade slides and blank slides for checking out stuff up close.  Or go for something disgusting like this  Disgusting Science Kit

My boys loved this and the Dr. Dreadful gross science set. I couldn’t find the Dr. Dreadful – they probably don’t make it anymore, but it was crazy!


One year, my boys got each other goofy pranks. What fun they had with the classic whoopie cushion on unsuspecting folks! The store Five Below had a whole section of  Pranks.

This was also the year my boys became more interested in card tricks & magic tricks.We had a Cris Angel set that was pretty advanced and didn’t get around to several of the illusions. This Magic Kit  looks like a good starter kit. 







You probably already know some great Nerf products. There are tons to choose from in a decent price range.  These are 2 new ones I found recently that I thought would be good additions to the Nerf arsenal we have in our basement  – Nerf Target Set   and   Nerf Star Wars Chewbacca



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