Scrapbook Pages – Found!

This week, I wanted to take advantage of a great sale at Shutterfly to make my photo books. I normally use my desktop to create my digital scrapbooking pages, so I uploaded all of the pages to the site. I remembered that I had worked on some pages on my laptop when I was away from home & was so happy to find a few more pages there. My Myrtle Beach vacation book was completed with the pages showing our road trip, the condo we stayed in and a visit to the Sky Wheel.  Sharing this page from the Sky Wheel because I loved the pictures and the colors of the kit used (“In for the Ride” by Jady Day Studios).

I don’t have an affiliate agreement with Shutterfly, I just really like their photo books & their sales. If you’ve never tried Shutterfly before, leave a comment or send me an email & I’ll send you a code for a free photobook.

Just wondering, do you use a laptop or desktop for digital scrapbooking? I like the control of the desktop but the ability to work anywhere with the laptop.


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