Meet Our New Addition

Introducing Jake!

This week, we adopted a dog from Big Dog Rescue Project. We already have 2 small dogs – a Maltipoo and a Silky Terrier – but we thought it would be good to add another pup to the pack, especially one from a rescue that needed a home. We didn’t have much luck with the first few we tried. One was still to skittish, another was too far from us & they wouldn’t adopt out of their area. Another was from a breed specific rescue that required a 45 minute phone interview and quiz plus a half hour home visit and reference checks. After the quiz, we decided to remove our name from the list. We just wanted to help another dog who had a rough start in life. I totally understand making sure adopters aren’t hoarders, abusers or someone meaning to do harm, but it was more than we thought was reasonable for a group wanting to get homes for dogs. We’ve adopted from local shelters and even got our Chloe from a wonderful woman in Arkansas who ran a rescue with help from others in her area.

With all of that in mind, we found Astro on Petfinder. Almost didn’t get him after seeing the name Big Dog since we wanted a smaller pup, but I’m so glad we went ahead with it. The people at Big Dog Rescue Project were responsive, helpful & pleasant. We highly recommend them if you are in one of their areas in NJ, Texas, or Washington. If you’re not, be sure to check out rescue groups in your area. I think it is so much better to rescue an animal from a shelter than to buy from a pet store.

Once again, help us welcome Jake & share on social media to help get the word out for all of the wonderful rescue groups out there who spend so much of their time & resources for these pups!


** edited to change our new pup’s name – within 2 days, my family agreed that the name Ollie wasn’t working for them & after much deliberation, we agreed on Jake.


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